Add an AI data analyst to your team
and make everyone data driven

Add an AI data analyst to your team
and make everyone data driven

Add an AI data analyst to your team
and make everyone data driven

An expert in your data stack, Quest-1 mirrors your company's best data analysts, allowing them to be everywhere all at once — chat, email, or just assign a ticket.


A digital clone of your data team - Quest-1 amplifies their reach.

Explore AI analytics


Text-to-analytics in 60 seconds

Insights are valuable, but few can find them. Get instant insights with Quest-1


Linked to your entire data infrastructure

Quest-1 creates a knowledge graph across your data tools - databases, catalogs, semantic layer, and business intelligence.


Chat, file a ticket, email or text

A natural language interface allows analytics to be accessible wherever you can type.



Explore Quest-1's adaptive abilities of learning from conversation and suggesting new knowledge.

Amplify your data stack


For Startups

Make your first analyst an AI for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. Patterns will manage your data and model infrastructure saving your engineering team time and money. You just need to ask the right questions.

For Enterprise

Secure your IP and provide safe data access with our scalable enterprise LLM. Get a continiously improving privately trained AI, embedding your unique knowledge for accurate results, trained and deployed in your cloud.

For Agencies

Add AI analytics to your service offering and never build a dashboard again for your customers. White-label Patterns and let our AI do all the hard work to service ad hoc data requests. Scale your impact without scaling your headcount.

For Developers

Leverage our API (beta) to integrate Patterns directly into your app and enable all your customers to self-serve data analytics.

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