AI-powered assistant designed to simplify and streamline the migration process

Welcome to Sensei — a chat-based IDE driven by LLMs reliable solution for code migration, data analysis, and workflow management.

Are you facing challenges in transitioning your SAS analytics workloads to modern, open-source platforms like


Why Sensei?


Efficient migration

Say goodbye to manual rewrites and expensive talent. Sensei leverages advanced AI technology to translate SAS scripts into Python, SQL, R, and more.


Intuitive interface

Interact with Sensei using natural language. Simply chat with Sensei to generate, explain, translate, execute, test, and validate your data jobs.


End-to-End support

From profiling and documentation to execution and validation, Sensei offers comprehensive support throughout the migration journey.

Key features

Comprehensive modernization

Sensei facilitates a complete overhaul of your analytics experience, enabling you to tap into advanced capabilities offered by modern data platforms like Databricks.

Data literacy investment

Empower your teams with tools and interfaces that make complex data concepts more accessible. Sensei helps in skill enhancement and knowledge retention.

Frictionless data access

Seamlessly integrate with modern data platforms for easier data access and usage. Sensei simplifies data workflows, making it easier for your teams to derive insights.

Talent attraction and retention

Attract and retain top talent by providing opportunities for skill enhancement and growth. Sensei supports retraining and upskilling initiatives.

Cloud migration and cost savings

Transition to cloud-based platforms like Databricks and save costs by moving away from proprietary SAS licenses.

About Patterns

Patterns, the team behind Sensei, is dedicated to bringing more intuitive data interfaces to the world.

Founded by industry veterans Chris Stanley and Sam Nickolay, Patterns has raised $6 million from top-tier VCs and is advised by leading experts in the data industry.

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