Financial Analytics with AI: Watch me Speed Run this Dataset

June 1, 2024

Time is of the essence in finance, after all it is money! Analysts need tools that can keep up with the demanding nature of their work, providing quick insights and enabling rapid decision-making. Patterns, an AI-powered analytics platform, aims to revolutionize the way financial analysts approach data analysis. In this high-speed demonstration, we'll explore the capabilities of Patterns, showcasing how it can accelerate financial analytics and empower analysts to generate insights at an unprecedented pace.

Rapid Setup and Integration

The demo kicks off by highlighting the speed and ease of getting started with Patterns. Within minutes, a new AI agent is created and connected to a database (01:32), showcasing the platform's seamless integration capabilities. Patterns also allows for the quick onboarding of domain-specific knowledge via a knowledge base (02:20), enabling the AI to understand and analyze financial data in the context of the business.

High-Speed Querying and Analysis

One of the key strengths of Patterns is its ability to handle queries and generate insights at a rapid pace. The demo showcases how financial analysts can make requests and evaluate the AI's work (03:26) with ease. The platform's intuitive interface allows for quick editing and saving of queries (04:15), while the AI learns from saved queries to improve its future responses (05:15). As the demo progresses, the AI is challenged with increasingly complex financial queries (09:48), demonstrating its ability to provide valuable insights at a high speed.

Accelerating Customer Retention Analysis

In the financial services industry, customer retention is a critical metric. Patterns excels in this area, enabling financial analysts to quickly analyze credit card customer retention (14:27) and gain crucial insights into customer behavior and loyalty. The platform allows for rapid investigation of customer retention insights (41:48), analysis of loan status impact on retention (42:20), and examination of card usage patterns (42:50). With Patterns, financial analysts can swiftly identify trends and make data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Generating Insights at Speed

Patterns showcases its generative AI capabilities, demonstrating how financial analysts can leverage the platform to generate valuable insights quickly. The demo highlights how AI functions can be utilized to generate empathetic responses to customer complaints (23:12), enabling personalized customer service at scale. The platform's prompt engineering capabilities (31:08) allow for fine-tuning the AI to generate contextually relevant responses, saving analysts valuable time.

Moreover, Patterns demonstrates its ability to generate complex financial questions by analyzing existing queries (35:36). This feature enables the AI to identify gaps in analysis and propose new avenues for exploration, accelerating the analytics process and helping financial analysts uncover insights they may have overlooked.

Comprehensive Financial Analytics at High Speed

Throughout the demo, Patterns showcases its ability to handle a wide range of financial analytics scenarios at an impressive speed. From analyzing key factors influencing customer retention and loyalty (37:38) to segmenting customers based on demographics and behavior (39:18), the platform offers a comprehensive toolkit for rapid financial data analysis.

The demo delves into various financial aspects, such as examining bank cash flow drivers (44:25), analyzing financial product adoption rates (45:29), and gaining insights into loan default risk mitigation (46:37). Patterns also demonstrates its capability to swiftly address common bank customer issues (47:18) and optimize bank operations (47:36).

The demo concludes by showcasing how Patterns can quickly analyze trends in transaction volumes across different channels (48:38), providing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.


In this high-speed demonstration of Patterns, we've witnessed the platform's ability to accelerate financial analytics and empower analysts to generate insights at a rapid pace. The AI-driven analytics platform revolutionizes the way financial analysts approach data analysis, offering a self-serve solution that enables users to ask questions, uncover insights, and make data-driven decisions quickly.

Patterns seamlessly integrates with databases, leverages knowledge bases to enhance AI understanding, and tackles both simple and complex financial queries with speed and accuracy. Its generative AI capabilities, combined with its comprehensive analytics features, make it a game-changer for financial analysts seeking to stay ahead in a fast-paced industry.

For financial professionals looking to harness the power of AI for accelerated analytics, Patterns offers a compelling solution. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, financial analysts can save time, uncover valuable insights, and make informed decisions that drive business success. As the demo showcases, Patterns is designed to keep pace with the demanding nature of financial analytics, empowering analysts to work smarter and faster.

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