Our vision

In the future, bots will be involved in every step of the data analytics workflow

As LLMs reduce the cost of intelligence, we'll use AI systems to abstract away complex tasks for us. This will enable everyone to get useful information from their data by asking questions in everyday language. In the future bots will:

  1. Proactively query your database, ask you questions, and propose improvements to your underlying data model and documentation.

  1. Answer your questions by generating queries, visualizations, and interpretations of analyses.

  1. Proactively push insights to you based on your profile, previous questions, and goals.

  1. Converse with you at your level of technical understanding based on your profile, experience, and usage history.

  1. Conduct multi-generation deep-dive analyses, recursively self-correcting errors, improving data visualizations, and advancing an analysis without any human input.

  1. Interact with you through multiple interfaces such as web, chat, email, ticket, issue, API, embed, etc.

  1. Take actions on data with simple commands such as “pull a list of new users this week and send them a welcome email”

Our mission

To make analytics proactive

Patterns is a technology platform offering bots -
AI-powered analytics agents for forecasting business needs and delivering critical insights how to access, interpret, and leverage data.

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Despite having valuable knowledge, modern data teams are underutilized due to time and accessibility issues. This hampers decision-making. Patterns is here to fix these problems.

Chapter 1

The first stop on our journey is Quest-1: an interactive mirror of all your organization's data, metrics, and KPIs


Data Accessibility

Quest-1 designed to bridge the gap between data consumers and your database by making it trivial for anyone to explore, query, and visualize data.


Deep Integration

Quest-1 works by connecting to your data warehouse, data catalog, and documentation, and leveraging GPT4 to respond to user requests by generating SQL queries and visualizations of your business data.


Analytical Engagement

With Quest-1, data users aren’t just passively flipping through dashboards, they’re engaging in thoughtful inquiry, entering a state of analytics flow and generating organizational knowledge at the speed of thought.

Read more about the features and capabilities of Quest-1.