Introducing Patterns for Finance Teams

June 25, 2024

Finance teams are expected to provide strategic insights and drive data-driven decision-making, but often lack the technical skills or resources to do so effectively.

With vast amounts of financial data and significant money at stake, there is a tremendous opportunity to streamline financial operations, reporting, and push insights that can make a meaningful impact on the bottom line. Unfortunately, many finance teams struggle with complex data scattered across multiple systems, such as ERP platforms like NetSuite, CRM software like Salesforce, payment processors like Stripe, and banking solutions like Brex. This is particularly evident during month-end close processes and when reporting financials to stakeholders such as investors or partners.

Patterns is designed to bridge this gap and empower analytical accounting and finance professionals to unlock the full potential of their data. Our AI-powered financial analyst, converts natural language questions into database queries, making it easy for anyone to get answers to financial questions about the company. With Patterns, finance teams can:

  • Efficiently navigate through complex financial data during month-end close processes

  • Generate accurate and timely reports for stakeholders and partners such as AP/AR aging, reconciliation

  • Provide a user-friendly "reporting interface" for non-technical users to access financial insights

  • Identify opportunities to optimize financial performance and drive bottom-line growth

  • Even drafting management commentary on financials

Our autonomous agents leverage advanced planning, reasoning, and reflection capabilities to simulate the meta-cognition of a skilled financial analyst. With Patterns, finance teams can quickly access the insights they need to drive strategic initiatives, such as:

  • Demand forecasting and inventory management

  • Customer churn analysis and revenue optimization

  • Budgeting, expense management, and cost-saving opportunities

  • Financial reporting and analysis

Take a look at the work of Patterns AI here:

Patterns Agents operate at a level above text-to-SQL tools. Our agents are autonomous and equipped to handle the complexity of multi-step analyses that are commonly found in the financial sector. They can:

  • Understand and clarify questions, ensuring the request is answerable given the data and capabilities available.

  • Plan and execute multi-step financial analyses with strategic plans involving multiple data queries.

  • Generate optimized SQL queries, iterating and correcting any errors or empty results to guarantee reliable outputs.

  • Evaluate and cross-check results against prior financial reports and data to maintain consistency and identify any discrepancies or anomalies.

  • Create interactive visualizations such as cash flow waterfalls, revenue dashboards, and expense breakdowns.

  • Deliver actionable financial insights by interpreting and analyzing query results and charts such as identifying cost-saving opportunities or highlighting areas for revenue growth.

  • Generate comprehensive financial reports by compiling multiple queries, charts, and derived insights into a final, presentation-ready report, streamlining the communication of financial information to executives, investors, and other stakeholders.

By leveraging the power of autonomous agents, Patterns enables finance teams to access sophisticated financial analytics without the need for extensive technical knowledge or SQL skills.

Customized for Your Financial Data Model

Patterns is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team works closely with you to integrate Patterns with your existing financial systems and data sources, such as NetSuite, Salesforce, Stripe, and Brex. We ensure that the AI agent understands your unique financial data model, including your chart of accounts, financial metrics, and business rules. This customization process is included in our onboarding support, making it easy for your finance team to get started with Patterns.

Secure, Reliable, and Accurate Insights

At Patterns, the security, accuracy, and privacy of your financial data are our top priorities. We are SOC 2 compliant, adhering to rigorous industry standards for data protection, privacy, and operational controls. Our security measures, including encryption and access controls, safeguard your sensitive information against unauthorized access and breaches. We continuously refine and validate our AI algorithms to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the insights generated by Patterns. Trust that the information provided by Patterns is secure, reliable, and compliant with the highest industry standards.

A Hybrid Service: AI and Human Expertise

We believe in the power of hybrid services that combine AI and human expertise to deliver exceptional results. When you choose Patterns, you not only gain access to our cutting-edge autonomous agent but also our team of financial analytics experts. Our team is available to provide guidance, support, and best practices to ensure your success with Patterns.

If your organization doesn't have a well-structured data warehouse or data model, our team can help you build one as part of our hybrid service offering. We'll work with you to integrate data from your critical systems, such as NetSuite, Salesforce, Stripe, and Brex, into a unified data model that powers Patterns' AI-driven insights.


We offer pricing plans tailored to the needs and budgets of medium-sized enterprises:

  • Self-Managed Agent - $799/month

    • Unlimited users and agents

    • Standard onboarding support

    • Ideal for technical teams with data engineering support

  • Full-Service Offering - $2,799/month

    • Unlimited users and agents

    • Advanced onboarding, data model customization, and human-in-the-loop support

    • Dedicated support analyst

    • Best for growing finance teams with complex data needs

  • Enterprise Plan - Custom pricing

    • Tailored for larger organizations with extensive financial data needs

    • Includes on-site training, dedicated support, and custom feature development

Get Started with Patterns Today

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With Patterns, your finance team will have the tools they need to make data-driven decisions, improve financial planning and budgeting accuracy, and drive business growth. Join the future of financial analytics today and let our autonomous agents and expert team help you unlock the full potential of your financial data from NetSuite, Salesforce, Stripe, Brex, and more.

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